1. About us – Who is TollReclaim?

TollReclaim is a brand of Xclaim GmbH based in Cologne, Germany. Xclaim was founded by German lawyers and combines sound legal expertise with innovative legal-tech applications. Xclaim stands for smart processes, a high level of technical expertise and transparent communication. The focus of Xclaim’s activities lies on the enforcement of claims for the refund of truck toll in Germany.

2. Why TollReclaim?

TollReclaim is a legal tech provider run by lawyers who enforces claims from companies in connection with the incorrect calculation of the German truck toll. TollReclaim offers you various advantages:

  • No cost risks:
    • commission only success based
    • favorable commission rates
  • Simple & secure process:
    • registration completely electronic and therefore no documents need to be sent by post
    • no separate mandate and fee agreements required
  • Transparent process:
    • standardized and transparent processes
    • regular and direct communication re the status of the proceedings
    • compliance with European data protection standards

3. How does the process work?

  • You register and instruct TollReclaim to enforce existing and future claims for the refund of German truck toll
  • TollReclaim enforces your claims and pays the refund to you
  • TollReclaim only retains a commission if it is successful
  • Upon request, TollReclaim also enforces further claims for refund that only arise after your registration.

If you need more information about us, feel free to contact us.