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ECJ ruled: truck toll calculation wrong

Get your money back!

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German truck toll incorrect

toll billing at least 4% too high!

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on October 28, 2020 that the long-term toll calculation by the Federal Republic of Germany is incorrect:

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Among other aspects, the ECJ ruled that the costs for the traffic police shouldnot have been included in the calculation of the truck toll. These add up toseveral hundred million euros per year, which have been wrongly passed onto all companies that paid toll in Germany.

You are entitled to a refund of the toll costs that you have overpaid and thatyou are still currently overpaying. According to the current state of knowledge,this is at least 4%, which can be reclaimed retrospectively for a period of atleast 3 years. Depending on how the competent courts decide, the claimcould possibly even cover the entire period since the introduction of the toll in2005 and amount to up to 7%.

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40 billion

toll kilometer per year

8 billion

toll charged per year

1.4 million

trucks per year

Key Facts

Who will get a refund?

Any company that has paid and who is currently still paying truck toll in Germany is entitled to claim a refund.

For which period can overpaid tolls be reclaimed?

According to current knowledge, reimbursement can be requested from 2019 and possibly even since the introduction of the toll in 2005. However, this depends on how the competent courts will decide on the issue of the statute of limitations.

Will I incur any costs?

No, TollReclaim enforces your claims free of charge. Only in the event of success, we charge a moderate success commission plus VAT for our service.

What documents do I need?

All you need to do is upload the Toll Collect toll statements for the last few years. If you no longer have them, you can request the respective statements from Toll Collect here