• 1. Why TollReclaim?

    TollReclaim is a legal tech provider run by lawyers who enforces claims from companies in connection with the incorrect calculation of the German truck toll. TollReclaim offers you various advantages:

    No cost risks:

    • commission only success based
    • favorable commission rates

    Simple & secure process:

    • registration completely electronic and therefore no documents need to be sent by post
    • no separate mandate and fee agreements required

    Transparent process:

    • standardized and transparent processes
    • regular and direct communication re the status of the proceedings
    • compliance with European data protection standards
  • 2. Why do I get a refund?

    On October 28, 2020, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the calculation of the German truck toll is illegal. Among other things, the court found that the costs for traffic police should not have been included in the truck toll. These amount to several hundred million euros per year, which were wrongly allocated to all companies liable for the toll. The overpaid amounts can now be reclaimed.

  • 3. Who will receive a refund?

    According to current knowledge, all companies that have paid the German truck toll from 2018 until today are entitled to claim a refund. However, potentially the claim may even be enforceable beginning with the introduction of the toll in 2005. This depends on how the competent courts will rule on the issue of the statute of limitations.

  • 4. Is it certain that the claims can be enforced?

    In view of the clear statement by the European Court of Justice that the calculation of the German truck toll was and still is illegal, TollReclaim assumes that a refund of the overpaid tolls is very likely, at least for the period between 2019 and today, which is not affected by a possible statute of limitations. Whether or not a refund can be obtained also for the period between 2005 and 2018 largely depends on how the competent courts will rule on the question of the statute of limitations for these claims. TollReclaim will provide regular information on this issue on the present website as well as personally to our customers.

  • 5. How do I get my money?

    Provided that you have (also) paid truck toll in Germany in the period between 2018 and today, all you need to do is register with TollReclaim and we will take care of all steps necessary for enforcing your rights. As soon as we have received your refund, we will transfer your money to your company account minus our success commission.

  • 6. What services does TollReclaim provide?

    TollReclaim is a service provider specializing in the recovery of overpaid truck toll in Germany. Our goal is to help German and foreign companies enforce their rights and to make the process as simple and convenient as possible.

  • 7. Can I instruct TollReclaim if I have already brought my claims (myself or through third parties) against the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG)?

    No, unfortunately TollReclaim cannot act on your behalf in this case.

  • 8. Who can register with TollReclaim?

    Any company that has a Toll Collect number can register with TollReclaim.

    Within a group of companies, each individual company that has its own Toll Collect number must be registered separately with TollReclaim.

  • 9. Do I have to bear any costs?

    No, TollReclaim enforces your claims free of charge. Only in case of success, we charge a success commission plus VAT for our services and risks. For more details, please see No. 10. The success fee is usually tax deductible.

  • 10. How much is TollReclaim's success commission?
    • 12.5% of the refund, if TollReclaim is able to reach an out-of-court settlement in all cases
    • 20% of the refund, if an out-of-court settlement cannot be reached and TollReclaim has to conduct a precedent on the question of the basic existence of the claim
    • 30% of the refund, if a test case is not sufficient and further claims must be enforced in separate court proceedings  
  • 11. How much do I get refunded?

    The exact amount you are entitled to reclaim depends on various factors, including the distance traveled, the type of truck (number of axles and permissible total weight) and the relevant EURO-standard.

    According to current knowledge, the general amount of refund is approx. 4% for claims for the last three years, i.e. from 2019. However, depending on how the competent courts will rule on this, the amount of refund may sum up to 7% and claims may also be brought for the period beginning 2005. However, the question of the statute of limitations has not yet been decided.

  • 12. I have not received a confirmation despite registering, what should I do?

    It is possible that the confirmation e-mail has been moved to your spam folder. If this is not the case, there may be a technical problem. In this case, please contact TollReclaim directly at support@tollreclaimgermany.com.

  • 13. How does the process work?

    If you have (also) paid truck toll in Germany in the period between 2019 and today and want to reclaim the overpaid amount, you are requested to register with TollReclaim via the “REGISTER”-button, upload your toll statements (annual or monthly) from Toll Collect for 2019 and 2020 and formally instruct TollReclaim.

    In the next step, we will review your documents and send you a confirmation of receipt and an acceptance of the order. Further, we will contact the relevant authorities and agencies and submit your claims. If necessary, we will do this by way of legal action. Once we have received the refund, either as a result of immediate payment or following a successful court case, we will transfer your money to your company account, less our success commission.

  • 14. Can I claim a refund if I no longer have my Toll Collect toll statement?

    Yes, in this case you can request a list of the relevant documents directly from Toll Collect (https://www.toll-collect.de/de/toll_collect/kontakt.html) and forward it to us at support@tollreclaimgermany.com.

  • 15. Do the documents to be submitted have to meet certain requirements?

    No, in principle it is sufficient to upload the toll statements for the relevant period 2018 up to today to TollReclaim. Only if the name of your business has changed in the meantime, we kindly ask you to provide us with a current excerpt from the commercial register.

  • 16. How long does it take until I receive my money and how will I be kept up to date on the status of the proceedings?

    As a respectable service provider, we cannot make any statement in this regard at present, as this question depends on various factors, including the reaction of the defendant. In addition, it is also crucial when and how the competent courts in Germany will rule on the open aspects such as the statute of limitations. However, TollReclaim believes there is a realistic chance that a solution will be possible before the end of 2021.

    TollReclaim keeps you informed about all current developments and procedural statuses.